World's First Speech Controlled Integrated Robotic Hair Transplant System

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The Hassle Free , Fully Equipped, Speech Controlled and Completely Integrated Robotic Hair Transplant System is now set to raise the bar of Automation, Convenience and Comfort in the Hair Transplantation Industry.

With all the goodness and benefits of HARRTS mini put into an voice controlled Hair Transplantation Chair ,fuelled with AI features, And giving the operating surgeon the perfect comfort and convenience in performing the procedure, this is one technological masterpiece that every Surgeon must have.
Look at the great features below:

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 World's Fastest, Completely Integrated -Robotic Hair Transplant Unit with Artificial Intelligence and Speech Interface.

i-Brain Robotics , a company known for its Humanoid Robot with Artificial Intelligence named Sandy TM, has developed the world's fastest , Completely Integrated , Robotic Hair Transplant Unit with Artificial Intelligence and Speech Interface. System, named as HARRTSTM.
It is the World's only Robotic Hair Transplant System with Artificial Intelligence and Speech Interface. You can literally talk with the Robotic machine. Coming from i-brain Robotics, this Machine continues the legacy of the company's work in Artificial Intelligence and Performance.
This system would couple both the scoring of the grafts and the extraction into 1 single step thus reducing the time of harvesting to less than half.
The Implantation technique uses Novel patented Piston Type Implanters, which would have Tweezer Free Manipulation, providing the practitioner with Speed, Precision of depth as well as Best Results.
This New Hair Transplant System with Artificial Intelligence is all set to change the Picture of Hair Transplant Globally

 Who is I-Brain?

I-Brain Robotics is a Robotics Establishment with merchandises ranging from Humanoid Intelligent Android Robots to Bionic Prosthesis and Smart Medical Devices.


Important Clinical Aspects | Improve clinical outcome with HARRTS TM Hair Transplant Technology is changing with each passing year, and efforts are been made to make the procedure as minimally invasive and as much automated and as less time consuming as possible. As such, Automated FUE is now the preferred choice for hair transplantation not only for the Surgeons but are also being demanded by the patients themselves. The earlier automated FUE systems using Suction based harvesting have a few shortfalls like

  • Un-controlled depth while scoring
  • De-hydration of Follicular Units due to the vacuum.
  • Trauma on the tissue of Follicular Units while travelling through long suction tubes.
  • Trauma to the Follicular Units during Handling while implantation.
  • Trauma to the Follicular Units during implantation because of pressurized air.
  • Buried grafts..

All of these shortfalls have been addressed and overcome by HARRTSTM system.
The specially designed punches, ensure that the depth of scoring is always controlled and non-variable, thereby ensuring better quality grafts, lesser transection rates and minimal trauma to the deeper structures.
The Cold External Climate of the Canister helps in decreasing the metabolism of the graft tissue and a better survival.
The short distance of the Canister from the Punch, ensures that the grafts are transported in a healthier climate in no time, preventing any damage due to the vacuum and mechanical trauma.
The Specially designed Implanters, uses a non-suction, non-blowing mechanism, thereby, decreasing any vacuum or dry air damage to the delicate grafts. The implanters are easy to use, easy to sterilize and implanting needles are disposables, all adding a value to the implantation.

 Features | Salient features of HARRTS :

Completely Integrated Robotic Hair Transplant Operative Room
HARRTSTM comes with a completely integrated Hair Transplant OT Experience for the Operating Surgeons. Equipped with 6 DOF Hair Transplant Chair, 3 DOF Patient Head Rest, Integrated Full Focussing LED Lamps, Multipara Monitor, Emergency Equipment Storage Facilities, 32" Display Monitor cum Entertainment Screen, 2 Surgeon Chairs and Data Management System, all in a Stylish Modern Design and Speech Interface, this System is all set to give both the operating Surgeon as well as the client, the best integrated Hair Transplant OT Experience.

  Consummate Comfort and Ease to the Clients:

The Inimitable Design ensures the finest of comfort and ease to the client both while extraction and implantation of follicles. With its spacious and luxurious design, the client will have an enriching Hair Transplant Experience with HARRTSTM.

  In-Built Monitors:

The in-built monitors unceasingly apprise the specialist about the client's vital stats throughout the procedure, annulling the need for any other extra monitoring equipment. Any variations in the vital stats can be immediately picked-up by the operating doctor, giving him extra privilege of ensuring the safety of his clients.
Machine TalkTM: This unique feature enable the practitioner to literally Converse with the HARRTSTM system. With Machine Talk TM Technology, HARRTSTM would be able to inform you on specific data via speech, thanks to the Android Touch Screen Interface.

  Fastest Speed and Latest Technology:

HARRTSTM is undoubtedly the Fastest Hair Transplant System available currently. With its unparalleled automation and AI Speech Interface, it also is the most advanced Hair Transplant System. If you believe "Time is Money" , then HARRTSTM By saving a Lot of time for you and also the concomitant fatigue , will surely be earning a lot of income for you while sparing you from the fatigue of surgery .
Android Interface: HARRTSTM is the world's first Robotic Hair Transplant System using and Android Touch Screen interface and Artificial Intelligence System that adds value to your Hair Transplant services.

 Data Management System:

With its in-built state of art Data Management System, Surgeons can enter, edit, store, access and retrieve their data on a pre-built Medico-legally sound Format from any-time, anywhere. The pre-built format includes, Consultation Forms, Consent Forms, Operative Reports, Anaesthetist Fitness, Anaesthetist Notes, Post-Procedure Notes and Follow-Up Notes. You can also print all these reports to store them in a hard copy format, or to hand them over to your clients. With our Data Management System, you can now forget about your data security and focus on the surgical aspect.

  Loftier Results:

IIt safeguards the best results with best bulk to wear Hair of any length.

  Minimally Martial Approach:

HARRTSTM involves no scalpel incision, no staples or pinning and certainly a big no to stitches. Easy, effective and efficient process and less pain involved.

 Fastest Recovery Time: HARRTSTM gives us the least Down-time. Patients can return to their normal chores and activities within a few days.