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HARRTS Artificially Intelligent Automated Hair Transplant System

What to expect from our System :

While Extraction :
  • The AI Camera helps you know the exact available number of grafts in the selected donor area.
  • Knowing the Nature of the Grafts in relation to the number of hair in it , e.g. 1,2,3, or 4 hair follicular units.
  • Knowing the exact location of these 1,2,3,or 4 hair follicular units in the selected donor area.
  • Planning your extraction as per the desired goal of your hair transplant like hair-line creation or density building.
  • The Safety punches and Depth Control punches removes any learning curve and achieves the perfect depth of punch insertion required during the extraction process.
  • The Chilled Bio-Fluid Storage Jar can collect and store the entire extracted grafts without causing any damage to the grafts. Thus , there is no need to repeatedly remove and empty the storage jar.

While Implantation:
  • The HARRTS Hair Studio enables you to decide the exact number of grafts in each of the 7 areas of the scalp as per the grade of baldness and the desired goals.
  • HARRTS Hair Studio also shows the morphed virtual pre and post hair transplant photos of your patients.
  • The V-4 and V-5 Implanter enables the surgeon to achieve the perfect depth while implantation while also maintaining a good speed of implantation.
  • Both the V-4 and the V-5 Implanters reduce the learning curve significantly and makes implantation a very easy process even for a new surgeon.

Apart from this, the HARRTS AI Scalp disease Diagnostic tool and the Cloud Based Medical Records Management System come in very handy for any Hair Transplant Surgeon.

V-6 Upgrades:

  • 1. HARRTS AI Camera
  • 2. HARRTS Hair Studio
  • 4. HARRTS Scalp Diseases Diagnostic Tool
  • 5.Wireless Foot-Pedal

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