HARRTS Business Booster Plans for Clinics and Physicians

I-Brain Robotics, the makers of HARRTS , World's Fastest and Least Invasive Human Assisted Robotic Hair Transplant System, is now also committed to be actively engaged in ensuring the growth and success of all its associate clinics. In its endeavour to help its associate clinics succeed in their hair transplant business, i-Brain has launched the new 'Business Booster Plans' listed below for doctors who feel marketing is not their cup of tea.

Whether you are starting a new Hair Transplant Practice or are already running an established Hair Transplant Clinic, having HARRTS in your Clinic or Set-up will set you apart from the conventional FUE operating Physicians' crowd and will give an instant kick-start to your practice.

The launch of the Business Booster Wing will cater to doctors who wish to just own HARRTS and go tension free about marketing and competition. Our dedicated marketing teams will cater to advertising, fetching business and attending medico legal issues too.

The returns on investment against HARRTS would be as low as 3 months. Do ask us how?

With i-Brain's Business Booster Plans, we engage with you at all levels of your Hair Transplant Business, and as per your individual needs, we help your practice grow, succeed and also function smoothly.

Though you can choose from any of The Business Booster listed below, the "Assured Business +Technical Support" suits any and all Hair Transplant Clinics the most, where, i-Brain provides you with assured business as well as full technical support, thereby giving you a complete and quick ROI on your investment in HARRTS.


Categories of Associations:

Number of Leads Price
50 USD 2000
100 USD 3750
200 USD 7000
  1. Lead Forwarding + Consultations:

Number of Leads Number of Consultations Price
50 15 USD 4000
100 33 USD 6500
200 65 USD 10500
  1. Assured Business:

Assured Business Price
USD 25000 USD 13500+ 20% commission above USD 25000
USD 50000 USD 21000 + 20% commission above USD 50000
USD 100000 USD 38000 + 00% commission above USD 100000
Terms and Conditions Apply.

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