World's First Speech Controlled Integrated Robotic Hair Transplant System

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The Hassle Free , Fully Equipped, Speech Controlled and Completely Integrated Robotic Hair Transplant System is now set to raise the bar of Automation, Convenience and Comfort in the Hair Transplantation Industry.
With all the goodness and benefits of HARRTS mini put into an voice controlled Hair Transplantation Chair ,fuelled with AI features, And giving the operating surgeon the perfect comfort and convenience in performing the procedure, this is one technological masterpiece that every Surgeon must have

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snart-ot1.jpg, 52kB
snart-ot1.jpg, 52kB
snart-ot1.jpg, 52kB

World's Fastest, Completely Integrated -Robotic Hair Transplant Unit with Artificial Intelligence and Speech Interface.

I-Brain Robotics, a company known for its work inn# the field of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and with some really acclaimed achievements in the form of i-Talk, i-Presenter and Andy and HARRTS, now has launched it's new technological marvel in the form HARRTS IOT

It is the World's only Robotic Hair Transplant System with Artificial Intelligence and Speech Interface. You can literally talk with the Robotic machine. Coming from i-brain Robotics, this Machine continues the legacy of the company's work in Artificial Intelligence and Performance.

Having all the major features of HARRTS Mini, the HARRTS IOT focuses on complete integration of the HARRTS System in the Patient Comfort Chair and Speech Controlled Functions for the Light, Vacuum, Hand-piece speed and the Chair positioning.

This system not only provides the operating surgeon with immense convenience, but also allows your patients to immerse into Luxury, which now has become an integral part of Hair Transplant Procedures.

Salient Features of IOT:

Apart from all major functions of HARRTS mini, IOT has the following Salient Features:
Integrated System.
Speech Control* (Additional Service for an Extra Cost)
Luxurious Patient Comfort Chair
Integrated Entertainment System
Integrated Operative Light System
Effortless and Convenient Control of the Integrated Moving Arms of the System

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